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Creative & Educational Workshops At Hidden View Farm

Handmade birdhouse on a tree.
May Day Basket workshop at Hidden View Farm in Annapolis, Maryland.

As part of our partnership with the Maryland Environmental Trust, our mission is to connect with the local community by providing opportunities to learn, create, and experience the best our local landscape offers.

Our educational workshops equally highlight nature’s beauty and bounty.

Part of experiencing nature’s best is to embrace new seasons and take advantage of fresh new possibilities. As the seasons change, our workshops follow suit.

Here, you and a friend or a small group can make May Day baskets in the spring and learn everything there is to know about the canning and fermentation process in the fall. On a warm summer day, come build a custom birdhouse with a living roof or take a peaceful garden walk among the local botanicals.

At Hidden View Farm, there’s something everyone can enjoy.

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What to know before you come

While each workshop is different, there are a few standard expectations to be aware of before you join us.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes, and those with long hair should plan to wear it pulled back or up. Kitchen workshops may have additional requirements for aprons, hair nets, or nets for facial hair. If you plan to walk the grounds, please dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable footwear.

Tools & supplies

All workshops include all the necessary supplies, tools, and equipment you’ll need to complete the project. If there are any changes to your event or additional preparations needed, you’ll be advised in advance via email.

Fermentation workshop at Hidden View Farm in Annapolis, Maryland.
Green Peacock Feather Illustration.
Birdhouse made at the Birdhouse Workshop at Hidden View Farm in Annapolis, Maryland.

Directions to Hidden View Farm

Naturally breathtaking event venue with easy access to four major metropolitan areas:

10 Minutes Outside Annapolis

40 Minutes from Baltimore

45 Minutes from Washington DC

1 Hour from Arlington

1 Hour from Alexandria

Hosting Private Events At Hidden View Farm

For something more exclusive and curated specifically for your event needs, see our other resources for how we can accommodate your event.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden View Farm Workshops

How much do the workshops cost?

Our workshops will range in cost depending on the type of event. Some kitchen classes are $65, and some woodworking workshops are $105. See the specific event you’re interested in on the calendar for any associated costs.

Can I cancel my workshop?

At this time, we’re unable to provide refunds or cancellations for workshops as the materials are purchased in advance. Please contact us directly about rescheduling for another workshop if you’re unable to attend the one you purchased.

Do you offer group workshops?

Yes, we do! You can add up to 20 people for a group workshop without booking the venue for an event. For any groups over 20 people, please see our Private Events page to arrange for a custom event.

Gather. Experience. Celebrate!

Contact Hidden View Farm today and start planning your next memory-making event. We can’t wait to help bring your vision to life!